Hailing from Toronto, the Stiffs want nothing more than to win your heart with their unstoppable melodies and crazy antics. Their debut CD, Forever In A Day, is available through Ductape. Isn't that reason enough to pick it up? Thought so. If it isn't, just understand that you won't find better, more exciting pop-punk anywhere.

The boys are heading to Indiana to record their new CD-EP (entitled "Anna") to be released on Ductape Records this July. The six new songs will be produced by none other than Mass Georgini (whose credits include Screeching Weasel, Green Day, The Queers, and just about every other pop punk band worth their salt), and are stronger than anything the band has ever done. The songs to be included are "Wednesday (Mercredi)," "I'll Never Get To Go To Space (Fuck The World)," "Spiderman Bandaid Covers A Bloodied Wrist," "Olive Oil... I Need You," and "Go Lucky." Also tacked on will be an acoustic tune and a special surprise (ROCK!). With the production team of Mass Georgini and Dan Lumley (of Screeching Weasel) on hand, not to mention The Stiffs sounding as good as they do nowadays, this stuff is gonna sound incredible.

Also expect to catch The Stiffs in just about anywhere in the continent this summer. A full Canadian/US tour will ensue beginning in May 2000 for their "Oh hey, North America!" tour. Check "Ductape LIVE!" for details.