Ductape Presents (or is that presented?)...

with guests The Meligrove Band and The Stiffs

September 25th, 1999 @ The Reverb in Toronto, Ontario!

Miss the show? Hear Pansy Division's set in Real Audio, NOW! Click here and tune in!

While you're listening, click here and read PD's setlist from that day for a play-by-play!

The sets by the opening bands (The Stiffs and The Meligrove Band) will be posted in a few days!


>>>>>Pansy Division

One of the only all-gay punk rock bands is returning to Canada after an absence of over two years! Having been one of the seminal underground bands of the early 1990’s, with their stripped-down, punk rock music and pro-sex, homo lyrics, PANSY DIVISION has evolved into a melodically loud, rock’n’roll band with a wall of sound so powerful and compelling they are likely leaving the underground behind forever.1997 marked the end of the 3 piece configuration made familiar to fans on their numerous tours. Now a 2 guitar/4 piece lineup, their sound is fuller, richer, darker, more rock, more pop and more beautiful than in the past. PANSY DIVISION, who affectionately refer to our nation as "Manada", will rekindle their lust affair with Canada, playing songs from their latest album Absurd Pop Song Romance at their Toronto stop, which will also be broadcast live on the internet by the Virtually Canadian Broadcast Network.

>>>>>The Meligrove Band

These four Mississauga boys have been playing their own brand of pop, rock 'n' roll and insurgent country all over the place for the past few years, and will be releasing their first CD, You Can't Fake Rock (TM) through Ductape Records later this year. The band's fanbase is steadily growing, with more and more people showing their faces and shakin' their pants at the Meligroves' shows. The Meligrove Band will be hitting the stage at 4 o'clock!

Check out the band's website by clicking here.

>>>>>The Stiffs

Toronto's charming-as-hell The Stiffs know a thing or two about crowd participation; vocalist/guitarist Rob Moir often asks audience members for song topics and wings a new song for the crowd right before their eyes. Always a pleasure to watch and to hear, The Stiffs will get things started at around 3 o'clock. Their debut CD, Forever In A Day, is available now through Ductape Records.

Check out the band's website by clicking here.

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