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 Tricky Woo song "I Need Love" Arrives At Ductape HQ
This week saw the arrival of a brand new song called "I Need Love" by Montreal's phenomenal Tricky Woo at the Ductape Doorstep. Running at just under two minutes, the song will be included on the upcoming Ductape interview/music compilation this December (Music To Fall Asleep By). Just another reason to BUY IT! (11/07/98)
 New Partner in Ductape Records: Rob Green!
Toronto guy Rob Green is the new partner in crime at Ductape Records. He will be starting his work here with the new compilation CD we have planned entitled "Ductape: Music To Fall Asleep By" due out for this winter break, kids! Visit the Ductape Records site for more details by clicking here. (09/03/98)
 Cooking With Ductape Website Now Up!
All the info you need on our new cookbook is up on the web right now! PLUS: Enter our contest for a chance to win a copy as soon as it's done! Visit the site by clicking here. (08/28/98)
 Cooking With... Ductape To Be Published As A Book!
Sink Publishing and Ductape Zine are teaming up again! We'll be releasing a big compilation of our "Cooking With..." features. Although only two have been featured in the 'zine as of yet, we've got loads of 'em in the archives. New bands are being asked, and we're making sure that all our favourite bands get in there with a recipe of their own. Already confirmed are Suicide Machines, Blink 182, Southern Culture on the Skids, and about 30 or so surprises... More info will be posted right here on this page. The full colour cover will be viewable any day now! (08/27/98)
 Eww... You're A Girl And Girls Suck Have A Fan Page?
A band notorious for working with Ductape on numerous occasions, Eww... You're A Girl And Girls Suck now have a website (excluding the official one) set up for them by a fan. Check this page out! It's pretty interesting, to say the least. It's at http://www.maxpages.com/eww and it's made by a gal named Barbi. Just a plug. (07/31/98)
 Double Summer Issue Out NOW!! 
Well it took us forever, but our massive summer issue is now on the newsstands. Final stats are as follows: 60 pages, 50 reviews, 20 interviews, and a whole lotta lovin'. E-mail to get more details. This is the biggest issue in Ductape history! (08/06/98)
 Warped Tour Special Section Completed 
As promised, there will be a special 18-page section in the new issue totally dedicated to The Vans Warped Tour 1998. Interviews that we did at the show include: Rancid, Bad Religion, The Specials, Civ, Less Than Jake, The Aquabats, Save Ferris, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Hepcat. (07/31/98)
 New Double Issue Out Really Bloody Soon 
Oh boy! The long-awaited Double Summer Issue is only a couple days away from completion. Canadian subscribers should expect the issue in their mailboxes very soon, and American ones should expect it a little later. As for those overseas subscribers we have... it'll be a while. But that's just 'cause we only have enough money for third class postage. (07/31/98)
 Silver Foil Ductape Stickers Out Soon 
As a way of celebrating the double issue planned for mid-summer, we're making about a zillion silver foil stickers with blue ink. They're professionally done, so no falling off like the address labels we used to use. If you'd like to have a look at the image that will be on the 2.5" diameter circle stickers, click here. They're free with any order, or 10 cents plus a 45 cent Canadian stamp each. (Hint: Order something.) (07/05/98)
 Special Ductape Double Issue Soon 
After countless days and nights thinking about how the hell we were going to get two issues out in the span of six weeks, the Ductape staff have put their heads together and come up with this: A Double Issue. Issues 15 and 16 will be released simultaneously. This issue will feature the aforementioned Warped Tour Special pull-out and over 100 reviews! Yeah, I'm excited too. It should run from 80-100 pages long, and will have a gatefold open-up cover. Stay tuned to this page for more details on this issue's progress very soon. (07/04/98)
 New Staff Blitz 
Hey reader! Got any skills? Any whatsoever? None? Perfect! Then write for Ductape! Yes, it's that time again: we're hiring. No, you won't be paid, but it's a good experience (yeah right) and you might get some CDs out of the deal. If you can review CDs, have a column idea, are good with internet graphic design, know how to deal with potential advertisers, or anything please e-mail us at ductape@interlog.com or check out the Jobs website at http://members.tripod.com/~ductapefanzine/positions.html Drop us a line or I'll kill you. I know you're all talented. (06/25/98)
 Ductape To Be Featured In Mini-Documentary On CBC Newsworld 
Ductape will be featured in a mini-doc for CBC's Newsworld. It should be interesting to say the least. Check back here frequently for exact time and date of airing! Or, get on our mailing list by emailing to ductape@interlog.com Or, check out CBC Newsworld's site by clicking here. (06/24/98)
 Comic Artists Knee-Deep In Feces
Ductape's own incredibly-bad comic artist Namgaw engages in wild cybersexcapade on ICQ Chat Network. The Ductape mailing list received a censored sampling of this. Some readers were appalled (female) , some were overjoyed (male). Full feature will appear on DTOnline site, but it can't be said for certain whether or not the tasteless dialogue will be printed in the paper edition. E-mail Namgaw and tell him what you think by clicking here. A sample will be provided upon request. (06/24/98)
 Ductape Compilation CD In The Works!
By the end of 1998, Ductape will have put out a mega-long compilation CD featuring all our favorite bands - big and small. Stay tuned to this page for ALL the details which will be up soon! (06/24/98)
 Eww... You’re A Girl And Girls Suck! Release Debut CD-EP! 
Our favorite suburban rock-a-pop-a-punk-a-billy quartet has just released an incredible six-song CD to the masses. Ductape is handling part of the distribution of this record, and if you’d like one, the cost is only $6 including shipping and handling. Songs include “Cuz I Only Think Of You,” “I Wish I Was Joey Jerimiah,” “I Hate Alanis Morissette,” “Being Neutered,” “Know What I Mean, Jellybean?” and “Degrassi Song ‘98”. Sound files are available on the band’s website located at: http://www.geocities.com/Pipeline/2425 (06/21/98)
 Warped Tour 1998 Special Issue! 
A HUGE summer issue is in the works which will feature a pull-out section (first ever in Ductape) dedicated to Warped Tour. Bands already confirmed to participate in the Warped ‘98 section include: Rancid, Bad Religion, Deftones, Civ and Hepcat. Bands tentatively scheduled to participate include: The Aquabats, Less Than Jake, Save Ferris and the Specials. Stay tuned for details! This’ll be big! (06/21/98)
 Ductape Comes Back!
After a two-month hiatus, Ductape Fanzine, Ductape Online, Ductape Records and Ductape Shows have returned. The site is newly updated, a fifteenth issue is almost out! Stay tuned for info. (06/21/98)
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