ductape: For the uneducated, who is Nardwuar, 
the human serviette?

 Nardwuar:I am Nardwuar the Human Serviette a 28
 year old Canadian teenage zit  >loser who likes to
 put out records, interview people on Radio  CiTR fM 101.9,
 sing in the Evaporators, and eat hamburgers.  
My great cousin Eric
Nesterenko used to play defence for 
the Chicago Black Hawks and Toronto
Maple Leafs. Like you care.

 ductape: So how did you get into the interviewing/music 

 The Evaporators were  formed on Feb 20 1986 in West
 Vancouver, BC, Canada.
We debuted at our High School's  Variety Night singing 
The Sonics "Shot
Down" and the Cramps "Human Fly". By the way, the
 Evaporators are John
Collins, bass; Dave Carswell, guitar, vocals; Scott
 Livingstone,drums; and
me, Nardwuar, vocals, organ.  This  line up has been
 in effect since
November 1990 .As for Interviewing... In Sept of 
1986, I joined CiTR Radio
and finaly got a radio show in Oct 1987. I'll 
interview anyone! Call 604
822 2487 Fridays 3:30-4:00 (pst). PLease.

ductape: You've interviewed everyone from
 Kurt Cobain, to Lydia Lunch, to  Huevos there any one interview 
that is a favorite of yours?

 Ron Jeremy and Tommy Chong. Those guys 
are hilarious, plus the Poison song
"Unskinny Bop" was written about Ron 
"The Hedgehog" Jeremy so ya gotta love
the guy!

ductape: Your interviews are published 
monthly in CHART magazine. How did that

 They just asked if they could reprint stuff 
i had done for CiTR's  program
guide, Discorder Magazine.

ductape: Have you ever considered running for
 Prime Minister?

 Negative , but along time ago my mom  
ran for city counciller  and lost to
the guy who invented Orange Julius!

ductape: When you interviewed the Rutles not 
too long ago, did they try to coerce you into trying tea?

 No. It was over the phone. However i think 
Neil Innes ( Ron Nasty) once
drank  "mushroom tea"  with Keith Moon.

ductape: How do most people respond when you
 ask to interview them?

I'm banned for doing interviews with 
anyone on MCA (Universal) Music
because I once upset Beck.  Warner Brothers
 won't let me touch any of their
artists cause I made  Sebastian Bach of
 Skid Row want to "beat me up for
fun". He also stole my toque!

ductape: So lets talk about your record label,
 Nardwuar The Human Serviette
Records. How did that start up, and what's new 
for the label?

Since no-one would book our band The Evaporators,
 I decided to organize
some ALL AGES gigs for us to play.  After doing 
shows for a little while,
the next logical step was to put out a Compilation 
Record of my favourite
bands. So in 1989 Nardwuar records released "OH God 
my Mom's on Channel
10!" featuring The Smugglers,  The Teen Challengers 
(Untamed Youth in
"disguise"), Headless Horsemen, The Mighty Squirrels, 
The Enigmas, The
Gruesomes and more. The Lp also contained "interview 
segments" with Jello
Biafra, Joey Shithead and Jeff Connoly.  Since it's 
expensive to put out
records when you don't sell much, I can basically only 
afford to put out
one record a year.

ductape: Your new album with The Evaporators,
 "United Empire Loyalists" comes  with both a CD and an LP. Explain...

I just want to show people it's easy and fun to put out
 records. You don't
have to rely on "some guy" to do the "label stuff". Also,
with the last two
Nardwuar Records releases I've included a FREE CD with 
every Lp. Yes, when
you buy a Vinyl Lp from Nardwuar, you get 
the CD version free. It's not
very expensive to make a CD, like less than 
a buck, so why not throw in the
CD version free as an added bonus! This 
creates a great scenario: because
people who hate vinyl have to buy the vinyl, 
to get the Cd, and people who
hate CD's have to buy the CD to get the vinyl!

 ductape: You're a massive supporter of Vancouver's 
Mint Records. HOw did that
friendship arise?

I met Bill and Randy at CiTR radio.
 Plus Bill Mint used to play in The
Evaporators with Lisa Marr. Hear 
them together on the tune  "Maneaters"
locked within the grooves of the United 
Empire Loyalists Lp!

ductape: If there was one adjective
 you could use to describe yourself, what  would it be?

I love Cheese.

ductape: Who was it that dubbed you "Nardwuar 
the Human Serviette"? What does  the name mean?

 It's just a dumb stoopid name. Nardwuar=Sting. 
"Human Serviette" was
inspired by the Cramps song "Human Fly". Plus 
in the USA they don't have
"Serviettes" only Napkins.

ductape: Has any of this world-wide fame and
 fortune gone to your head?

 What world-wide fame and fortune?

ductape: What was the first interview you ever conducted?

 Art Bergmann, when his band , Poisoned, played my High 
School on Sept 26 1985.

ductape: Is it weird for you to be the interviewee? 
Or are you commonly
interviewed by 'zines and radio shows?

 I rarely get interviewed. It's an honour to be

ductape: Is there anyone out there who you would love 
to interview, but haven't

 Neil Young, so i could quiz him about his first band 
The Squires, who
played outta Winnipeg in the early 1960's and about
 another band he was in,
with Rick James of all people,  called The 
Minah Birds. RICK JAMES and Neil
YOUNG together! Weird.  Also, Neil, were you 
really a Reagan supporter in

ductape: Are there any plans for a compilation of
 all your interviews?

 No, but check out The Nardwuar Website for a huge 
"Chunk" of interviews
i've done.
It's at :

ductape: It seems that when doing interviews, 
you always manage to put the
interviewee in a very tight situation. Like "Who 
Is the prime minister of
Canada" or something along those lines. Is that
 something you set out to do?

I just like to get information.
 I love to learn,  Like I live in West
Vancouver. West Vancouver is a
weird place .  Kimberly Conrad (who married
Hugh Hefner) , Douglas Coupland  (that Generation X dude) , and Yvonne
Decarlo( of the Munsters) all are from the area. 
Plus it was West Vancouver
where Errol Flynn died of a massive cocaine overdose with a pretty 15 year
old male lover by his side!

ductape: Any crazy interview stories that you would 
like to share with the

One time backstage at Lollapalooza I saw Jon Bon Jovi!
 No joke. He was
practically crying, and totally depressed that all 
"these kids out there"
had dumped glam metal for punk. Sucker.

ductape:And lastly, it would be a great honour 
if you could end this interview  in the same fashion
 that you end interviews with everyone else. Would that be
Doot doola doot doo? Doot doo!