Michael LeBlanc / Vocals / Guitar
Sam Allemang / Guitar
Katherine Pill / Bass
Anthony deLuca / Drums

by Liz Allemang

A band as diverse as the Teletubbies, the Moops are on their way to the top of the pops (actually the screamin' emo scene, but that just doesn't rhyme, silly). Their individuality is expressed in each of their two songs including the euro dance sensation "Get Me A Techno Pony". The Catholic ultra remix has been the #1 song in Vatican City for the past 9 fortnights, t'was even requested by the Pope for his 197th birthday. There has been a great deal of media coverage for this Canadian uberband, who contrary to popular belief aren't maple syrup eating beavers. In fact, they have won much critical acclaim for being the first successful cyborg based band, particularily with their first rockin' single "Technotronic Robotic". Much more original then their craptacular rivals Dead Letter Dept. The Pope recommends you see these awesome folks live for a few reasons: 

1) You can play a game called "What is Mikey Digibot saying?" It's the best game because if you can figure it out you win a ABC (Sur)prize (hint: this prize has already been chewed, I can't tell you any more). 

2) They have a great half time show including the Saskatchewan Roughrider cheerleaders, Carol Channing and an array of petit fours appetizing desserts, they're amuse-bouching (editor's note: if you don't watch FoodTV, I apologize for this not making sense)! 

Lastly you will get a fantabulous stage show for your dollar.  For that price, even grandma can join in on the fun. So come one, come all to see the band that made Hobo Pete at the train tracks shout "Better than a boxcar full o' booze!" after he took my quarter.

Moops recorded four songs for Ductape Records' Spilled Milk: A CD Benefitting Lactose Intolerance Research (DCD-003-2) compilation in 1999. They are currently recording their debut full length to be released in 2002.

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