Things have been picking up since we last checked in with the Meli-boys... Generous airplay on the CBC (Radio Escapade,
Radiosonic and Brave New Waves) and Edge 102 in
Toronto (the Indie Hour) have helped the bruddas gain some pretty serious cred in rougher parts of town. On a recent trip to the corner store, bassist Mike Small was given 'props' by a gang of unshaven street thugs. Simlarly, dual-assault guitarists Jay Nunes and Darcy Rego have been able to enjoy kudos from their former detractors (ghouls, unshaven street thugs, etc.). Nobody ever messed with Rick, so nothing's new there.

The Meligrove Band also managed to chart nationally on Canadian campus radio, with interview appearances on stations in Ontario and New York.

The sweet reception saw the band perform live all over Ontario and New York with the likes of Sloan, Thrush Hermit, Pansy Division,
Local Rabbits, the Flashing Lights, Crooked Fingers, Scratching Post and Tristan Psionic, including live appearances on TVOntario, Rogers Cable 10, and CityTV.

In case you're wondering, here's what the print-media kids have been saying all across the country (and then some)...

"Stars & Guitars is an A+ album." - The Coast, Halifax

"The Meligrove Band's charming lyrics and totally
melodic hook-fest will win you over." - FFWD, Calgary

"Stars & Guitars is the ultimate mixture of Halifax
art-school guitar rock, American issue arena stomp,
and early Beatles naivete." - Buffalo Beat, Buffalo

"Beneath their indie-fanboy exterior is a studied
appreciation of woo-hoo-yeah old-time rock 'n' roll."
- Eye Weekly, Toronto

For more on The Meligrove Band, visit their official website at, and never come back.