Jason Nunes / Vocals / Guitar
Darcy Rego / Drums / Guitar / Vocals
Mike Small / Bass

In a world where showmanship is often overlooked, The Meligrove Band are a trustworthy beacon of hope. Their ruffian rock 'n' roll hooks will destroy your skull, but their unforgettable pop melodies will caress your back and play with your hair. When that's all done, they'll drop a steaming plate of country licks in your lap, and you'll want to sue them for misconduct. But they're nice guys, and they'll pay your dry cleaning bills. Long story short, their tunes will stick in your head for days, and you won't mind.

The Meligrove Band were added to the Ductape Records roster on the strength of their demo tape and earth-shaking live show back in 1998, and things have only gotten better since. They recorded their debut full length, Stars & Guitars (DCD-005-2), for Ductape Records in 2000, and will be following it up with their second full length in 2002.


Here are some friendly quotes and bits of info about THE MELIGROVE BAND and their music:

• Winners of Edge 102 “New Rock Search”, 2001
• Interview, live footage, and video for “Last Time” aired on MuchMusic, Nov. 2001
• Featured in Chart Magazine (with band name as a sell on the cover!), June 2001
• Live radio interview on Edge 102, May 2001
• Live performance on CityTV’s “Breakfast Television,” 2001
• In-store performance at Sunrise Records, Toronto, 2001
• Performances and interviews on numerous campus radio stations in Ontario, New York, and Eastern Canada since spring 2000
• Named one of Toronto’s “peak live shows” of 2000 by Eye Magazine
• “Their live show puts many high-profile bands to shame.” - Chart Magazine
• Received second-highest ranking, 99/100, in Chart’s North By Northeast reviews, over hundreds of other artists
• “Stars & Guitars” is an album jam-packed of fun, poppy songs that makes for a pretty irresistable debut” - Exclaim!, Canada
• “Nothing short of a classic delivery... Stars & Guitars is an A+ album” - The Coast, Halifax
• “An album of great hooks... The Meligrove Band’s charming lyrics and totally melodic hook-fest will win you over” - FFWD, Calgary
• “The ultimate mixture of Halifax art-school guitar rock, American issue arena stomp, and early Beatles naivete” - Buffalo Beat

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