What are the origins of Ductape? I don't get it... Wasn't it a 'zine?

Yeah! It was. Ductape was started up by Zach Feldberg at the tail end of 1994. The first two issues (which are no longer available) were released under the name "Duct Tape," but the name was changed to "Ductape" for issue three. Twenty issues and about three years later, the record label was born and the 'zine -- then a full fledged music magazine -- was gradually put out of commission.


Can I still order copies of Ductape Mag?

Not really. The catalogue is up on this website (go here) but I'll be damned if I can even find the originals. I have most of the hundreds of interviews conducted for magazine saved... somewhere. By the end of 2000 -- mark my words -- there will be a full archive right here at www.ductape.org. Digggggg!


Does Ductape Records accept unsolicited demo submissions?

You bet! Send us whatever you've got on tape, and we'll definitely listen to it. The more the merrier, I say. Specify that the submission is for Ductape Records, and not Ductape Radio. The address is located at the bottom of the main page of www.ductape.org.


Will Ductape Radio play my band's record, maaaaan?

If it's on CD or vinyl, and it's at least half-decent, we'll definitely give it a few spins. We prefer if it's not on CD-R, though, 'cause not all the players we use at The Iceberg (the station that hosts Ductape Radio) can read them.


Is 2kool4radio.com part of Ductape?

Nope! But Ductape is part of 2kool4radio.com. Basically, 2kool4radio.com is part of the Iceberg Media empire. Ductape Radio is one of several shows that is recorded for the network, but we link all the shows to our own site as well. For hip-hop, rap, and all that jazz, check out IllNoiz.com. For the house-techno-trance-jungle sorta stuff, check out 1groove.com. Now scram.

Also, if you call the hotline (1-877-36-2KOOL) when we're not doing the show (Saturdays from 5pm-6pm), we're not gonna answer. Wanna know what happens when people call the station when we're not around? The publish crazy misinformed stuff about Ductape that they got from someone else! Check this out for proof. Don't get me wrong -- the article and the magazine (EventsQuarterly.com) are totally cool. But I mean, I'm only 18 -- not 20. Plus, I don't live in Thornhill, Ontario. Also, the label is called Ductape Records. And there aren't any "emo" bands on the label, let alone a majority! I don't get it! You'll have to check out that article to understand what I'm talking about. And, to the fellow who wrote it, I mean no harm! But who told you I was 20? Weird!