cooking with...

In every issue of Ductape, we feature a band who decided to tell us 
their hottest, sexiest recipes from the recesses of their minds.
Only a few have been featured so far, but our entire archives are being 
culled into one giant book called "Cooking With Ductape, Vol. 1". 
It will be the first of several special projects that we are working 
on for 1999 (even though this should be out around October 1998). 

There is, as always, a contest to accompany the release of this book. 

Here's how it works:

1) Click here and check out the cover image of our cookbook. 
2) Figure out who the guy (with the hardcore face) on the cover is.
3) E-mail your answer to us by clicking here
4) If you're one of the first five folks to get it right, 
you'll get a copy of the cookbook absolutely free!