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2. Write a cheque/money order for the cost of the record, as listed, and make it out to Zach Feldberg. 

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Marilyn's Vitamins Squeegee Girl 7" DV-SG7-1 Sold Out

Includes the title track, "The Turnaround," "35 Burnout," and "The Rapist In Me." This is the very first Ductape Records release, and one of M.V.'s finest moments. But, y'know, you can't have it. Because we don't have any more. 

Eww... You're A Girl & Girls Suck! Somethin' For The Ladies CD-EP  DCD-000-2 Sold Out The first six songs! This CD-EP sold clean out within a year of its pressing, and is still widely sought after. Tunes such as "Being Neutered," "I Hate Alanis Morissette," and "I Wish I Was Joey Jerimiah" are all on this disc. We don't have anymore, 'cause they don't play anymore. Get it? Why don't you re-press it, huh? Yeah. That's what I thought.
Various Artists Music To Fall Asleep By 2-CD Set DCD-001-2 $12 Two CDs, over twenty new and unreleased songs and audio interviews, and a super-affordable price! This release features the likes of Gob, Pansy Division, The Smugglers, Tricky Woo, Slow Gherkin, Atom & His Package, 22 Jacks, Marilyn's Vitamins, The Meligrove Band, DOA, Eww... You're A Girl, The Stiffs and tonnes more.
The Stiffs Forever In A Day CD DCD-002-2 $12 Just getting into Dead Letter Dept? Well, before they turned evil, that band was known as The Stiffs, and this is their debut full-length! It's still available, but resources are dwindling. The best power-pop-punk you'll find anywhere... Eleven caustic-sweet cuts that'll turn that frown upside-down in no time. 
Various Spilled Milk CD DCD-003-2 $12 Can't afford to put out four separate EP's? Of course we can't! So we joined them all together and put them on this killer four-band compilation. Features Ductape indie-power-pop newcomers the Moops, the wild and ever-growing melting-pot of Eww... You're A Girl & Girls Suck!, the driving power pop of Doug (feat. members of Red Fisher and SNFU), and the cow-punk schoolboy ditties of The Tri-Lams. Get to know four great new bands!
Noah's Arkweld Fun! CD DCD-004-2 $8 This release, from the folks at Squirtgun Records, has been sort of neglected due to Noah's (ex-hHead frontman) lack of live shows lately. Ductape picked it up for re-distribution, so here it is! A fantastic album from a great Canadian songwriter. Note the super-savin' price, too!
The Meligrove Band Stars & Guitars CD DCD-005-2 $12 Fourteen tracks of pop-rock 'n' roll with a heaping helping of country licks and biting wit. An indie-rock wet dream with enough energy to stop a steamroller. Featuring "Last Time".
Dead Letter Dept. Self-Titled CD-EP DCD-006-2 $8 These boys have come a long way since their humble beginnings as The Stiffs. This EP shows the band with a tighter sound, fantastic production by Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel, The Queers, 88 Fingers Louie), and some of their best songs yet. Featuring "Go Lucky".
The Carnations Self-Titled CD-EP DCD-007-2 $8 Their first release for Ductape Records. Compared to the likes of Supergrass, Wreckless Eric, The Only Ones, and The Buzzcocks. At just under 25 minutes, this EP is well worth the money. The songs are razor-sharp jaunts through the history of brit-inspired power pop.
Four Square When Weeks Were Weekends CD DCD-008-2 $12 Eleven great new tunes from the band formerly known as Doug. Fans of driving aggressive and heartfelt pop music will love every minute of it. Featuring members of Red Fisher, Treble Charger, and Two Line Filler.